Run the SHAPE Diva Dash for Free, when you form a TEAM!

It’s true! You can get up to $50 cash back when you get 4 friends to join your team. Please see details below.  Here’s the fine print!  This is only valid for teams created between May 22 and June 30. You and your teammates must use the code AXCAPTAIN when signing up (This code will also save your BFF’s $10).

  1. Register as a Team Captain.
  2. Get 4 or more friends to join your team.
  3. We will issue you a refund for up to $50!

Start HERE and create a new team when you sign up and choose your team’s name. This makes you the Team Captain!

Next: Get four or more friends to sign up.. Tell them the name of the team to join.

Claim your money! Once you’ve gotten at least 4 gals to join your team, email Sharon@adventurefit.com and you, the team captain, will receive a refund of your entry fee up to $50!

*Pricing Details* The $50 refund will cover all or most of your registration depending on when you sign up and if you use any discount codes. If you have questions, please email Sharon.