Just the FAQ’s, ma’am

Q: Can I change my Start Wave after I’ve registered?: I want to join my friends in a wave that is full. Can you add additional people to closed waves?
A: Unfortunately, waves are limited to 250, and we are unable to add to them once they are full. If you want to add more people to your team and a wave is closed, you can move your team to a different wave with open spots. To do this, click the ‘transfer to a different category’ link on your registration confirmation email. The cost is $5/person and each person will have to make the transfer.

Q: Can I change my Start Wave after I’ve registered?
A: Yes, but please note there is a $10 fee to make the change. Please check to make sure you are not requesting a full wave.

Q: Can I transfer my registration to another runner?
A: Yes, but please note there is a $10 fee to make the change.

Q: Can I add the option to have my bib and t-shirt mailed after I’ve registered?
A: Yes. This is the very best way to get your bib and T-Shirt as it is simple and convenient. You will be billed $10 for this option. You will still need to pick up your timing chip Saturday morning. Your packet will arrive the week before the run in your city.

Q: Can a friend attend packet pick-up for me?
A: If you are picking up a packet for someone, have them text to you: a picture of their ID and permission for you to pick up their packet. If you are a minor, your parent pr guardian can pick up your packet for you.

Q: Is there a BAG CHECK for athletes?
A: Yes. Athletes can check one bag. Drop off and pick up hours vary by venue, so consult the city page for specifics. You must show your bib number to claim your bag. The Shape Diva Dash is not liable for any lost, damaged or stolen items. We STRONGLY recommend that you do not place any valuable items (ie: phones, cameras, car keys, drivers license) in your bag. We also recommend that you do not overstuff your bag, place heavy items in the bags or store any breakables in the bag. Unclaimed Bags will be returned to The Shape Diva Dash Event Producers (Adventure Fit Inc). You will have five days to claim your bag or contact us about shipping your bag. There is a $50 shipping charge for returning unclaimed bags. After 5 days, all unclaimed bags will be donated to charity.

Q: I’ve never done anything like this before. What should I expect? Am I strong or coordinated or fast enough?
A. Enough for what? I think the real question here is “am I excited to test my skills?” If the answer is yes, then you’re ready.

Don’t worry – each obstacle will have a bail-out option if you would rather skip it. Skipping an obstacle may result in a small time penalty, however.

The bottom line is that this is a fun run. If you’re comfortable with the running aspect of the Dash, then you’re going to love this event. Take it at your own pace and be prepared to have a great time matter what your fitness level. And if you don’t run, just walk! It’ll still be great fun.

Here’s a video to check out to see what the last SHAPE Diva Dash was like!

Q: Am I too young or too old to participate?
A: No way! If you’re reading this website and you get that little butterfly of excitement in your stomach just thinking about frolicking through the trails and testing your skills on fun obstacles, then you belong in the SHAPE Diva Dash!

That being said, you must be 12 years old to participate, and if you are under 18 years of age we still need your guardian’s permission. No matter what your age, you’ll have a good time. Check out the age categories here.

Q: A group of girlfriends and I registered for the SHAPE Diva Dash and I didn’t know there was a team option. Needless to say, we registered individually for the same starting wave. Does this work?
A: The ‘Dash is an individually-timed adventure run, and there is no “team” scoring. Creating a team name is just a fun way to be associated with your best ladies, so signing up for the same starting wave is exactly the way to go. You’re all set!

Q: Is there a T-shirt included with the race packet?
A: Yes! a lovely 100% cotton t-shirt that you’re gonna love. You’ll also get a tote bag or string backpack and lots of other goodies. Other Diva Dash apparel will be for sale at the event & online.

Q: What’s the Training Program?
A: We’ve partnered up with local running stores and partners in each city and SHAPE magazine to offer several convenient options for Diva Dash training. Check your city page to find out which stores are offering free training programs in your area.

Q: Will I have to swim?
A: You will not have to swim at the Diva dash, but you might get wet.

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